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Who We Are

We are a group of design driven business passionate about backing up by strong technology designs.

Backed with strong technology background, with solid project experiences from variety of major human society domains. We are good at solution design, application architecture design and even the operation conslutancy. We operated several online services which servicing hundred of millions users every day. By the way, we are a group that believes technology can enable the future life, and work should be very joyful.


We offered 100% self developed products to enable studio approved DRMs (eg. WideVine, PlayReady and FairPlay), content cache for fast delivering (Private CDN).

Online Services

For mass distribution needs, we provide world class quality and cost effortable CDN solutions that using by hundred of millions people every day. Conjunction with our flexible, cutting edge transcoding technology, you can easily put your focus on the business itself and leave us all the rests.

Application Development

All technologies must be delivered with a easy use user interface, accompany with a friendly user experience design can dramatically improve user's productivity, increase the user stickness to the application. Forged with million users feedback, we strongly believed all your needs can be staisfied through our elegant design.


The rich media user experiences design powered by fast internet services, instead of paying attention on make content playback, you should focus on how to monetization your digital content. We are proud of our online OTT solutions, which is not only offering the ability to stream your content, but also providing the valuable experiences of operating an OTT services that make your valued content profitable.

What We Do

We have everything you need to launch and grow a successful digital content business.

We are focusing on satisfying the the success online content business needs. Starting from researching the media formats, make all those contents vivid on every surface, including the mobile devices, personal computers, the bigger screens such as digital signages and TVs. Accompanies with the high demands from our customers, the video consuming applications, delivering solutions are now also offering to our customers. By completing all the pillars of content technologies, we are now able to providing our customers a total solution of OTT services.

OTT Platform

Real world OTT solutions that providing you a one-stop shopping platform that meet all your needs. Forget about the CMS, SMS and blabla. We are here to offer you the click to go solution that you can start your OTT solution in a short time. Studio approved DRMs, 4K & HDR playback, Google DFP integration, TVoD, SVoD support. Tons of features support make your content business successfully.

Content Ingestion

Trascoding and packaging, not only providing the tools but further to provide you the best fit transcoding parameters by analyzing how you provide your content and whom the content will consumed by using what devices. Easily to integrate with the DRM packagers and cloud storages, our content ingestion services make your content workflow flawless.

CDN & Content Caching

World class quality CDN with global coverage helps you deliver the content to the audiences worldwide. Charged by the usage or bandwidth, there's always a way to fit your needs. ISP? no problem, we can help you build up your own CDN services to help monetization your bandwidth. Or simply leverage our caching products to save your peering costs.

Fluid Go

Already established an OTT service but needs the content protection solution? No Problem! Just contact us to check how our DRM system helps you. We providing major DRMs from Google, Microsoft, Apple and also an affordable AES solution to protect the content. Optionally a water mark with reproduction resisted can also help you to track when and who leak out your contents.

App/Web Design

Custom OTT application design is also our strength to help you to monetize your content. With strong background of operating a content business, the user flow and user experiences are fully being took care.

Idea Incubation

We are love ideas and technologies. Want your ideas be realize? Contact us! From embedded systems, smart wearables, mobile apps, and even the cars. We are good at finding solution for your idea and make you a quick prototype to speed up the way to production.

Contact Us

Get in touch and let's make something great together. Let's turn your idea on an even greater product.

Where To Find Us

12F-1,No.380,Sec. 1,Fuxing S. Rd.,
Da’an Dist., Taipei City
10656, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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